TRIMONTIADA 2017- The International Music Festival

TRIMONTIADA, the international music festival,invites the residents and guests of Plovdiv to a superb experience:

“Vienna waltzes with Plovdiv on the stage of the Antique Theatre”

The young international music festival TRIMONTIADA enters the stage of the Antique Theatre of Plovdiv with two promising concerts that provide a pure pleasure for all the senses. The first evening of the festival brings forward three outstanding premieres:

08 September 2017 at 08:00 p.m. The first and most exciting is the concert of Plovdiv’s youth orchestra Frank Martin Players. After several performances in smaller concert halls, but also live on National Radio, it is time for an appearance in the Antique Theatre with the country’s most exquisite stage. The young musicians are very excited and hope for the support of the people of Plovdiv. The second premiere brings us the top class musicians of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra who are anxiously awaiting their debut on Plovdiv’s outstanding showcase. The third attraction will be Elisabeth Sissi, the inapproachable Austrian Empress performed by Romy Schneider in the unforgettable film. Conductors on the first evening will be Violetta Stoyanova, Plamen Prodanov and Rani Calderon.

09 September 2017 at 08:00 p.m. On the festival’s second evening we shall witness another unique event. For the first time in its history the Vienna Chamber Orchestra will invite young talents to join in and play in their ranks. The six youths, winners of a competition, are Frank Martin Player’s Jordan Vichev, cello; Radoslav Nenchev, cello; Stella Mandeva, violin; Radostina Stoyanova, violin; Amelia Stancheva, violin; and Eva Fey McGonagle, violin. Last two of the group only 12 years old. Their stage fright is immense, and they will need all of your support! The eclectic programme will include Plovdiv’s own star pianist Galina Vracheva, known worldwide for her concert improvisations, and the soprano Marena Balinova, and works by Mozart, Strauss, Zykan, Britten and the personally present Paul Hertel.

Programme includes: The Viennese valses by Strauß, Polka by Zykan, a little known work by Laner dedicated to Mozart, Salieri's Aria virtuosa, Emperor valse, Hertel's Suite to the film "Sissi, the Empress", followed by a projection of the film "Sissi", Britten's Simple Symphony, Bulgarian classical music and more...

Tickets are available both: online at EVENTIM Ticketsystem and at the Ticketcenter in front of the Town Hall also in the music shop in the Otets Paissy Street.

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