WE ARE ALL COLORS OPENING of PLOVDIV- European Capital of Culture


The Opening of the ECOC 2019 will be within the range of an extended weekend (11 - 13 January 2019) full of events which will take place at various in- and outdoor spaces across the city. Its peak will be on Saturday, 12 January, with the most attractive and momentous highlight in the programme - the 'We Are All Colors' show.





11 January 2019 (Friday)

Chamber Concert ‘Anniversaries’

Commemorating the 120th and 110th anniversaries of, respectively,

Pancho Vladigerov and Marin Goleminov


Location: Balabanov House

6:00 pm



N. Stoykov, ‘Shop Dance In memory of  Vladigerov’

Soloists: Prof. Alexandar Spirov – violin, Elena Velcheva – piano


M. Goleminov: ‘Meditation’; N. Stoykov: ‘Dance for Four Hands’ (arr.)

Soloists: Velislava Stoyanova and Evridika Valcheva - piano


F. List: ‘Hymn to Sts Cyril and Methodius’

Soloists: Prof. Romeo Smilkov - piano


N. Stoykov: ‘Rachenitsa for bagpipe and piano’

Soloists: Ph.D.  Nadya Petrova – piano, Ph.D.  Ivan Georgiev - bagpipe


F. Kutev: ‘Are you a tulip or a hyacinth?’

N. Stoykov: ‘A  little girl sweep yard’ ,  ‘Humoresque’

Performed by the Trimontium Choir, chorus master Vanya Atanasova


12 January 2019 (Saturday)

Chamber Concert ‘Traditions’

Location: Balabanov House

4:00 pm



N. Stoykov: ‘Orientale’ and ‘Ah, the Good Old Times’ – two piano plays

Soloist: Prof. Dr. Romeo Smilkov – piano


N. Stoykov: ‘Three  Tropanki’ 

Soloist: Velislava Stoyanova – piano

Maria and Georgi Naydenovi: Folklore Suite

Performed by: Folklore Ensemble ‘Trakiyska Mladost’ from high school ‘L. Karavelov’, led by Maria and Georgi Naydenovi

‘Where is Bulgaria?’- lyrics  Ivan Vazov, music  Panayot Pipkov

‘Bre Petruntko’ - folk lyrics, by Philip Kutev

‘Let's be good’ - lyrics and music Stefan Diomov

Performed by: Children Vocal Formation ‘Omayniche’, led by Tanya Ormanova


Location: Balabanov House

5:00 pm / Duration: 15 minutes

‘The Old Album’ – a film dedicated to the life and work of Prof. Nikolay Stoykov – composer and professor of composition and harmony, an honorary citizen of Plovdiv

Location: House of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov, Permanent Exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadziev

18, Saborna Str.

6:00 pm / Duration: 40 minutes

Music from Vocal Formation ‘Sirun’



13 January 2019 (Sunday)



Location: Balabanov House

11:00 am



Beethoven: Piano Sonata in F, finale

N. Stoykov: ‘Kalugerine’

Soloist: Dimitar Dimitrov - piano

D. Nenov: Two miniatures

F. Say: ‘Paganini Variations’

Soloist: Velislava Stoyanova - piano

N. Stoykov: ‘Early Songs’ (on poems of Ishikawa Takuboku)

Soloists: Denis Ivanov – baritone, Velislava Stoyanova - piano


F. Schubert: ‘Marsh’

V. Gavrilin: ‘The Old Clock’

N. Stoykov: ‘Dance on Embers’

Soloists: Emily Toneva and Svetoslav Kifudin from the Vesela Music Club in Gabrovo,

led by Vesela Peneva  - winner of the Golden Lira 2018


Location: Balabanov House

12:00 pm

Fashion Show of young designers, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Trifonov


For more information: https://issuu.com/plovdiv2019/docs/issuu_2018-12-11_plovdiv2019_openin

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